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NuHome Alliance Group LP

Bringing LIFE To Living Spaces!

Richland County


Spring Flower RD
SC 29223


About Our Company

Call on us when you want the job done by a team that is specifically designed to provide high performance based cleaning and property preservation services 24/7! NuHome Alliance Group LP (NHA Group)- is a full service PREMIUM GRADE GREEN cleaning and property preservation company. We are mobilized to provide cleaning and property preservation services in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We possess a large services listing to give our clients more for their money. NHA Group and its staff provide the services encompassed in one company- which would match the hiring of at least three or more separate companies-- all at an affordable, packaged price. Because of our broad variety of service capabilities- we are known to be a one-stop shop for residential, commercial and industrial project ventures, Our clients can reach out to us 24/7 for high powered results-- and that is what we provide. We are professional, flexible, affordable, dependable and always on call for emergency cleaning and last minute touch-ups. Each of our teammates are fully trained to specialize in several different fields of the cleaning, hospitality, landscaping and property preservation business- so, through 'tag team' effort and our structured quality control platform- we are fully capable of covering more groundwork in a shorter time frame. We service just about anyone desiring or needing PREMIUM GRADE, Eco-friendly property cleaning, management and maintenance! Our company is licensed, bonded (janitorial , property preservation & general contracting), and our insurance can be customized at the drop of a hat to 'beat-match' our client's project qualifications.

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