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Over the last 5 years the New York City (NYC) Construction industry has achieved higher positive growth when compared to any other city in the United States. Industry experts believe that this trend will continue well into 2020 and beyond. While the construction industry has grown to record numbers, today there is only a handful of insurance carriers that offer their services within the region. Traditionally due to cost and other limiting factors these carriers are often difficult to access for many independent agencies. Now through our diverse carrier portfolio insurance agents and brokers can access products that can offer better customer care, access to appropriate levels of coverage, and competitive premiums. Coverage includes: Artisan Contractor Insurance, Excess Casualty Insurance, General Contractor Insurance, Middle Market Construction Insurance, New York Construction Insurance, Primary Casualty Insurance, Specialty Construction Insurance, Specialty Excess Construction Insurance. For more information please contact: Info@GAPSInsurance.com or 1(646)383-7767. You can also check out our website @:www.GAPSInsurance.com.

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